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• 9/21 Natick Days
• 10/16 HS Choir Concert 7:30
• 10/21 HS Band Concert 7:30
• 11/29, 11/30 & 12/6, 12/7 Fall Musical 7:30
• 12/17 HS Choir Concert 7:30
• 12/19 HS Band Concert 7:30
• 12/20 In School HS Band and Choir concert

This course is an instructor-led, group introduction to playing the piano for students at all ability levels. Students will gain technical facilities on the instrument, learn to read music and understand basic music theory, be encouraged to compose music on their own, and become comfortable playing the simple chord-progressions that make up most popular music. Four small projects make up the academic requirement and are able to be adapted for students from any experience level. Music theory and music history will also play a prominent role in this class. 
Prerequisite: No experience is necessary, but students who have taken lessons before are welcome to take the course as well. 

This full year course will introduce and review the components of basic music theory. The course is for all students’ grades 9-12 that want to explore the basic concepts of music making and music reading. The class is designed to enable students to be more hands-on and creative. Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of the piano keyboard as they move through basic theory. Sight-reading and rhythmic/melodic aural training are included in this course, as well as, an introduction to music composition. Students in any music department ensemble are highly encouraged to take this course.
Prerequisite: None.

This is a class for guitarist, keyboardist/ pianists, drummer, and singers – essentially anyone with a band or interested in being in a band will be given the opportunity to practice, experiment, perform, receive feedback and begin the process again. The course will involve group and individual projects with the focus on performance and musical improvisation. The course is open to students in grades nine through twelve. These types of band instruments are limited in supply so it would be beneficial if students had their own.