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• 10/21 HS Band Concert 7:30
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• 12/19 HS Band Concert 7:30
• 12/20 In School HS Band and Choir concert
Course Information
Natick High School Theatre:

There are two distinct high school theatre classes, Theatre G.S.S. and Theatre P.E.I. Both can be repeated for additional credit and are a semester long. Aside from class, there are multiple opportunities to act and work on a show through Drama Club.

While not truly a theatre class, Mr. Miller also teaches Humanities – a Junior / Senior semester course that incorporates multiple arts in order to ponder what it is to be human.

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– Games, Script Writing, and Scene Work 2.50 Credits/Semester
Course #651a
Can be repeated for additional credit

In this advanced college preparatory course, students will explore the performance aspects of theatre. Students will engage in improvisation, theatrical critique, script analysis and character development. Theatre games are utilized in class to create a sense of community and trust, as well as to build focus and acting skills. Students will study basic acting skills, directing techniques, the fundamentals of playwriting, and some technical theatre. The class is activity-oriented and much class time is spent preparing and performing for the class and eventually a guest audience. Students may elect this class multiple years.

- Performance, Exercises, and Improv 2.50 Credits/Semester
Course # 652b
Can be repeated for additional credit

In this advanced college preparatory course students will fine-tune their acting skills through improvisation exercises and performances, as well as, through crafting original material. Students will learn to play the moment, establish a world and character while collaborating with other actors and audience. Aside from improv games and performances, students will work with monologues and other dramatic texts, and try their hand at some form of playwriting. Students will draw upon their own life and experiences to write a one person show for performance. This class is activity-oriented and will include multiple performances in front of class and/or other audiences. These performances will be a mix of written and improvised texts. Students may elect this class multiple years.
Prerequisite: None required, but taking Theatre GSS first could be helpful.

- 2.50 Credits/Semester
Course #239a, 240b

Humanities is a Fine and Performing Arts course that incorporates most of the arts, as well as, elements of literature, history, philosophy, and other social sciences in order to examine what it means to be human. Topics considered include an introduction to the humanities, the history of culture, humanity’s modern cultural impact and our roles and responsibilities as creators and products of culture. This course employs active discussions, demonstrations, group collaborations, group projects, some lectures, individual research and written reflections aimed at preparing the student for the college experience. This is an advanced college preparatory course.
Prerequisite: For Honors Credit: A grade of B- or better in English 30 and U.S. History II 30, or an A in English 31 and U.S. History II 31, teacher recommendation, and/or department head approval.