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• 9/21 Natick Days
• 10/16 HS Choir Concert 7:30
• 10/21 HS Band Concert 7:30
• 11/29, 11/30 & 12/6, 12/7 Fall Musical 7:30
• 12/17 HS Choir Concert 7:30
• 12/19 HS Band Concert 7:30
• 12/20 In School HS Band and Choir concert

JAZZ ENSEMBLE 14                                                                                               1.50 Credits/Semester
Course #859
The jazz ensemble is an after school class for students in grades 9-12 that will help students develop musical skills relevant to jazz. The course will focus on improvisation, harmony, and rhythm. The jazz ensemble will play at multiple school concerts as well as some outside venues. The ensemble may take part in major jazz events such as the Eastern District Jazz and the University of New Hampshire festivals and also appear at other school and community functions.

Prerequisite: Students must audition. If successful with audition, students are expected to attend the
following: sectionals after school, Thursday night rehearsals, concerts, as well as, competitions, and private weekly lessons.
SYMPHONIC BAND 11                                                                                          2.50 Credits/Semester
Course #862
This course will elaborate the musical skills taught at the middle school level. Students will further develop their ensemble skills in regards to technical accuracy, dynamics, balance, and blend. The course will introduce students to various genres styles, and historical works. Students will have the opportunity to expand upon their abilities as an individual musician while working to improve their ability as an ensemble player. In order to be part of an ensemble, students are expected to be part of a team and therefore willing to work with others and take direction. In addition to school rehearsals and performances, complete commitment by students is necessary to develop musical skills to their fullest potential. Attendance at all performances is mandatory, including the Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day parades, and the Thanksgiving Day football game. The band performs at the Massachusetts Instrumental Choral Conductors Association Band Festival in the spring. In order to excel, home practice by participants is a must! For grades 9-12. Students in Symphonic Band are required to be in Big Band.
SYMPHONIC BAND J 11 (Joint or Big Band)                                                      1.25 Credits/Semester
Course #864
This course is the joining of all the symphonic bands to create one large band. Students signed up for Symphonic Band 11 are automatically enrolled in Symphonic Band J 11. For students in grades 10-12.
SYMPHONIC BAND 09 J 11                                                                                  2.50 Credits/Semester
Course #869
This course is big band for grade 9 only. Freshmen signed up for Symphonic Band 11 are automatically enrolled in Symphonic Band 09 J 11.

HONORS SYMPHONIC BAND 20                                                                          2.50 Credits/Semester
Course #870
Honors Symphonic Band is a regularly scheduled class that meets with Symphonic Band. The additional work for honor students occurs outside of the regularly scheduled class. Students at the band honors level should participate in private lessons instruction with a qualified instructor of their instrument or be part of a directed outside instrumental ensemble. All students are required to keep a practice log that is signed by their instructor or by the director of their outside organization. In addition to the requirements of Symphonic Band, Honors Symphonic Band students are required to perform at four out of five home football game pep band performances, parades, and the Thanksgiving game. As part of assessment, all honor students must participate in two public student group recitals (one at the end of each semester). The NHS band director will choose recital pieces for any student not taking private lessons. In addition, students may be assigned periodic research that relates to musical study.

Prerequisite: Grades 10-12. Permission of Instructor. To remain in the Honors Music Program students need to do the following: maintain a B average, be involved in private lessons or be involved in some outside directed ensemble, and fully participate in the concerts and activities (including recitals) of their respective ensembles.