All About Allie

Camp Arrowhead


Camp Arrowhead is a summer camp run by the Natick Rec. Department. This is a camp for children and adults with special needs. The program runs for 6 weeks of day camp in the summer and one week of residential camp in New Durham, NH. Arrowhead provides social and physical recreation for individuals with a variety of special needs.


This summer will be my third year volunteering at the day camp and second year volunteering for the residential camp. Each volunteer is paired with a camper one-on-one for the week, where volunteers can bond and connect with the campers.


Arrowhead has truly changed my life in a positive and wonderful way. My cousins and older sister all volunteered before me, so I knew I would be volunteering when I was old enough. Ever since, I look forward to camp every summer. It makes me feel great, knowing I not only am doing something I enjoy, but I also spend my summer vacation helping others and making their summer enjoyable too.

camper john and I