A Walk Through The Woods

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The Express Yourself Project was a positive experience that enlightened classmates about my culture and taught me about their culture. I also learned quite a bit about myself though doing this project. I learned that my friends mean the world to me and I have no idea where I would be without them. They are the best friends that I could ask for; they are understanding supportive, and knowledgeable and I can turn to them for anything.


I learned that many people, like me, are supported by their friends and family. I also learned things that I never knew about some people before. For instance, I learned that Nicole loves to make videos for school projects and she loves to read like I do. I also learned that Sara likes to travel and has been to Paris and London and is going to Italy. I have also been to Paris and I am going to Italy as well in the future and would love to go to London in the near future as well. Lastly, I learned that Sean is an easy-going person and likes to hang out with his friends, both things that I like to do as well. This project has significantly changed my outlook on my culture in a positive manner because I realize what is really important to me.


Even though I am not very religious, my roots are strongly displayed through who I am and the actions that I make. I love to cook and I am Italian and French-Canadian, both are known for fine cuisine across the world. This project has made me want to learn more about where my family came from and what type of foods that they ate and integrate them into my own style of cooking. The most significant word from culture that I shared was that I like to travel a lot. Many people do not know that the one thing I want to do when I am older is travel the world. Sharing that I like to travel might help connect me with other people who are interested in travel and want to go to the same places that I do.


This project was a great opportunity to learn about others, their culture, and how their culture influences them. This project this project can help form new relationships with other students in the class. You might learn something about someone that you never knew about them before and find out that you have something in common.