Web Design

Intro to Web Design has been one of my favorite electives I've had the opportunity to take. This class has seemed to go by so quickly but so has my freshman year of school. In intro to Web Design we started by learning the basics to Photoshop and we had projects to help us understand the concepts we were taught. I find this sort of teaching method to be amazing as we are allowed to immediately apply everything we learn, and see what we can create on our own. Unfortunately we did lose some time in the classroom, around two weeks, due to some issues that came up. Other than that we have worked productively and moved through Photoshop then moved on into HTML and CSS.



HTML and CSS has been my favorite part of this course and a pleasure to learn. The basics were fairly simple to understand as we mostly used it in Text Edit, writing out our own text from scratch. We completed many worksheets, teaching use lines of code and what makes a good website good. I liked freely writing my code from scratch but we also learned how to take the frames of other sites and started moving into Dreamweaver. So far, Dreamweaver has been a fairly easy and quick way to create a website, but I still prefer writing my own websites from scratch. Dreamweaver is essential in this course and has allowed us to put our sites on the Internet too. Overall this class has been very enjoyable and a course that I would follow through with the next elective following it, Web Design 21.


Photoshop Image