Future Plans

My goals in life are extensive and include many different ways to live my life. What I would want the most is to become a computer engineer. I have found engineering to be on of my favorite things through classes and personal experiences. Up until i was ten I believed I wanted to be a doctor and help people that way, but I soon realized I wouldn't be able to do it. So the next thing I found interesting was computers, and I decided that I want to build my own. I've had the opportunity to build my own computer and after research and buying parts, building it was a great experience. It was fun, simple, and I find it to be relatively easy. I've since then studied the different components of computers and taken apart other computers I had laying around my house. It's a career option I would love to pursue and possibly follow for the rest of my life.



In Sophomore year I will hopefully be taking A+ Certification, an elective that is based heavily around computers. It is rumored to be a hard class and the exam is supposedly even harder, as passing the state exam makes you certified. I want to do well in the class and at the end I want to pass the state exam and become certified so that I will be able to look into better job opportunities. It will probably open new doors for me as I would be officially certified to work with computers to a certain degree. In terms of college, it is my desire to attend MIT. It is a prestigious school and will be a challenge to get accepted, but I will strive for it.