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I have loved football ever since I can remember. My dad always watched the Patriots play every Sunday. I would watch with him even though I did not understand what was happening. As I grew older, my dad taught me the rules of the sport. By the time I was in first grade, I had a good understanding of football. That year, I started playing flag football. I played for three years. Then, in fourth grade I started playing tackle football. I loved it. I loved the hitting, the faster pace, and the plays. I have been playing football ever since. I was voted captain of the freshman football team at Natick High School and hope to continue playing at the junior varsity and varsity levels.



Throughout my years of playing football, I have had some injuries. The first injury I got from football was a broken thumb in fifth grade. While blocking, my thumb got smashed between two helmets and broke. I also broke some of my fingers in the same way. Freshman year, I did not break a finger. Instead I broke my collarbone. I made it through the first game of the season without any major injuries. Then, in the second game of the year, someone fell on my collarbone and snapped it in half. I was devastated. The doctors told me that I would not be able to finsish the season and it would take about 12 weeks to heal. Hopefully, I will be able to stay healthy in the future.



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