Danny's Site




I learned a lot in Web Design this year. I really enjoyed the class and I loved learning new things. The first thing we learned about was Photoshop. We edited pictures and learned the basics of Photoshop. We edited a picture of Taylor Swift as a class. After, I edited a picture of myself. I made the picture balck and white and put words on my face and in the background. I really enjoyed the Photoshop unit.




After Photoshop, we started to look at designing web pages. To design a website, you need to use HTML and CSS. We learned the basics of HTML and CSS and started to practice using TextEdit. We made a site as a class using TextEdit and then we made a site by ourselves. Once we mastered HTML and CSS in TextEdit, we moved on to Dreamweaver. Again, we made a site as a class to understand the basics. Then, I made this site to show my understanding of HTML and CSS and how to design and code a website.


Taylor Swift Photoshop

My Face Photoshop