Photography Composition

Learn how to make visually stunning images through these photography composition techniques.
Link to images for presentation purposes.

Rule of Thirds

light paintingowl9/11 memorialmoonrise

Leading Lines

boston skylineleading lines roadpathwater skiing

Get the Ball

bloackingget the ballget the ballget the ball

Unique Angles

waterfallNiagara Fallsfrom airplaneNYC

Anticipate the Moment

anticipate the momenteaglebubble blowingbird

Fill the Frame

steel wooleye macro shotwindow sunrisesnowflake


duckbostontorontogreat blue heron


swanspaddle boatssoftballskulls

Capture Emotion

happycatchersittingbase hit

1 — Reflection

Catching Coachpaintingausable chasm manmontreal olympic stadium

2 — Relationship

relationshiprelationshiprelationshipjamaica plain boat

3 or More —  Interaction

interactioninteractionbirthdayfort erie
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