Kate's Update




Working on the Express Yourself Project, I learned a great deal about myself, my classmates, and the impact small projects in life can have. When the beginning portion of this project was assigned I planned on asking my friends to help me describe myself. Fortunately or unfortunately, they were busy and couldn’t expand much beyond the few words I’d written. This forced me come up with my own descriptions. I had to ask, “How do I view myself?”, “How do others see me?”, as well as, “What can I write that won’t seem demeaning or overly confident?” I had to do some slight searching, but I managed to find a few words that fit my personality pretty well.


I would say the adjectives that describe me the best are sarcastic and busy. My dad taught me what sarcasm was in third grade and I’ve been utilizing it ever since. While it’s probably not my best quality, it definitely describes me. Busy also fits perfectly. I reflected on this word a bit and came up with the fact that I always begin with an already busy schedule and add as many other things on top of it as possible.


This year it included morning gym, two languages, HOBY, BPA, three sports, and to top it all off, swapping my study for Web Design. I can’t regret my overloaded life schedule too much, as it’s taught me not only about myself, but others as well. In talking with my classmates, I learned that everyone has something different that makes them who they are. Finally, I realized how small projects such as this one can serve as a great time to reflect on the perspectives of life.


This project allowed me to both reflect on my life and meet my classmates. I remembered those who have added to my core values and personality, the passions I’ve discovered, and the places that changed and continue to change my outlook. It’s affected me positively by reminding me to appreciate the past, continue to live in the present, and look forward to the future. It’s also given me a chance to connect with others in Web 6. In learning about others, I found common interests and now feel more comfortable talking to them about other topics.