Kate's Update


My Camp - Frost Valley

Camp has always been something special in my life. I started going 6 years ago and have attended every summer since. It has given me both the best experiences and the best frienships in my life.


Even though most of my friends live out of state, we make sure to stay in contact. Mostly we send letters, but I enjoy talking to them on the phone as well. I've visited Ohio and have had my friends form New York City come up for a weekend as well.


This year I'm going to camp to be a CiT (Counselor in Training) for the month of July. I can't wait to step back from technology for a while and enjoy nature. As part of the CiT program, everyone has to go on a five day hike and clean the dishes for the younger villages. It's going to be a lot of work, but I think the experience will be a life changing one.