Family1 BIrthday Fire Sister

I have a large family with many siblings! In my family there is my mom, dad, stepmom, stepdad, three little brothers, a little sister and an older sister who is a Junior here at Natick High. My brothers Matthew, John and Tim live here in Natick with me, my mom, my sister, and my stepdad. In my houses there's always something to do because of so many people being there. It's always loud and there is always a huge amount of excitement from my little siblings.


My little sister Ava, my dad and stepmom live in New Milford, Connecticut. My bulldog Ralph also lives in Connecticut. Since he is only 8 months old, he always wants to play and doesn't tire easily. It is always fun to see how long it will take us to tire him out! Ava loves to play with him and is his best friend. She is energetic and outgoing so they are the perfect match. My older sister Lili and I drive down to New Milford to visit them whenever we can!