Hi, my name is Marlee and I’m a Web Design student at Natick High School! Welcome to my first website. I made this site so that anyone who visits it can learn a little more about me. You can read about my interests, family and top 5’s. I am a 15 year old freshman here at Natick High. I love to read, play softball and spend time with my family and friends. I also love to travel and I like to visit Florida and Vermont when I go on vacation.


My website showcases all of the skills that I have learned this year in Web Design. So far I have learned how to use design principles, coding and how to use Photoshop to edit my photos and DreamWeaver to put these photos onto a website. I’m so glad that I get to make my own website to show everyone what I have learned. I hope you like my site and it helps you to get to know me better!