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presidencySome say that FDR was the best president to ever live. His works that he accomplished through his presidency are amazing, and he had to cope with the difficulites of WWII, the Great Depression, and more. Franklin Delano Roosevelt served as the 32nd President of the United States for almost two terms, from March 4, 1933 to his death on April 12, 1945. He is most famous for his proposal of the "New Deal," which he expressed that he would do anything it takes to improve the state of economy and better the lives of his people. In his "New Deal" he created many organizations that fell under the "Three R's": Relief, Recovery, and Reform. Since these organizaitons all had different names and different acronyms, they became known as "alphabet soup."


Organizations of "Alphabet Soup" to help support "the Three R's":


1. Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) - put men ages 18-25 to work to create more jobs and employment, part of the relief of the Great Depression


2. National Youth Administration (NYA) - provides education, jobs, and counseling for young people, part of the relief factor of the Great Depression


3. National Recovery Administration (NRA) - it attempted to have major businesses volunteer to work with one another on prices, wages, and hours so that competition wouldn't drive many out of business, part of the recovery of the economy at the end of the Great Depression


4. Bank Holiday/Emergency Banking Relief Act of 1933 - the government examined finances of banks and shut banks down for a day and reopened if found sound


5. Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) - offered grants of federal money to states and local government that operated soup kitchens and other relied for the jobless/homeless


6. Agricultural Adjustments Act (AAA) - encouraged farmers to decrease production and boost prices, part of the recovery of the economy


7. Public Works Administration 1933 (PWA) - gave money to state and local governments for roads, bridges, dams, and other public construction products, part of the recovery of the economy


8. Home Owners Loan Corporation 1933 (HOLC) - refinancing of small homes to prevent foreclosures, part of the recovery acts to improve US exonomy


9. Social Security Administration (SSA) - federal insurance programs that collects taxes over career to make payment to retired 65+, part of the reform to build a new and improved economy


10. Glass-Steagall Banking Act (1933) - sets up Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), which guarenteed individual bank deposits up to 5k