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Although FDR is only one person, as the President of the United States of America he had a lot of power and a large impact on many people. With his actions he affected each citizen of the USA, whether it was positive or negative. Overall FDR was a very loved man, but some of his decisions angered the people because it affected them poorly. For example, some of the programs in the New Deal didn't benefit the poor at all, it just made them lose even more money. However, the majority of the people approved of his actions and supported the decisions he made because his people trusted that each decision he made had the sole purpose to improve the country by creating an enjoyable lifestyle.


The death of FDR was more depressing and shocking than any other event that occurred during the time period. Not only did his government officials, friends, and family miss him deeply, but the citizens of the US took his death hard. His death was caused from his disability of being paralyzed from the waist down. However, FDR never showed that his disability affected him because he would stand and walk in public as much as he could, in fact most people were not aware of his diability.


March 1, 1945, President Franklin Roosevelt addressed a joint session of Congress upon his return from the Yalta Conference. Members were shocked to see the President deliver his remarks while seated. Referring to his leg braces FDR explained, "I hope that you will pardon me for the unusual posture of sitting down. It makes it a lot easier for me not having to carry about ten pounds of steel around the bottom of my legs." The President's health was obviously deteriorating, and this was the first sign of it along with the grayish skin, halting speech and vapid stare. Even though this warning sign was seen, it did not lessen the shock of his death in Warm Springs, Georgia on April 12, 1945.


The news of FDR's death affected many people, including Stalin in Russia. He had FDR's picture printed on the newspaper in a spot that had been for national news only. Winston Churchill said he felt as though he had been "struck a physical blow," and broke down when he relayed the news in a speech to the House of Commons. Although copper was rationed for the war-effot, FDR's coffin was lined with it. These ways and many more show just how loved FDR was. He affected many people in a positive way and he will continue to be remembered for all of the great things he has accomplished.



 Newspaper report after FDR's death

 People attending FDR's funeral procession