Air-guided Missiles
Standard MR and ER surface to airguided missiles concept design.
Cruise Missile
Boeing's U.S. Air Force's Air-Lunched Cruise Missile (ALCM).
Goose Missile
Goose Missile in Flight — (SM-73). Picture was taken during a recent test flight made at the Air Force Missile Test Center, Cape Canaveral, Fla.
Among the experimental weapons developed at the Landing Force Development Center, Quantico, Virginia, was this light antitank weapon (LAW), which resembles a sawed-off 3.5 rocket launcher (bazooka).
Spy Plane Downed
The first downing of enemy aircraft by sea-based surface to air missile TALOS missile is recalled by Navy Captain James D. Watkins (left) Radm Keneth C. Walace.
Trinity Site
The aftermath of the nuclear warhead that was tested at the Trinity site in Nevada. Future warheads would soon be dropped on Japan to end the second World War and begin a new.