Isabel Pagliazzo


family at church


promotion with mom

I love my family. They have always been their for me and I know I can trust them with everything. My older brother Tyler is 18 and my younger sister Sophie is 12. They can both be really annoying but they are also hilarious. My brother drives me everywhere when my parents can't. He My sister is so funny and we always have somthing to laugh about. She plays soccer, rides horses and loves animals. Our dad and mom are the most insperational people in our lifes, they help us with everything and always want the best for us. My favorite thing to do with my family is go to the beach and our cape house.


My grandparents and cousins are also great people. Both my dad's and mom's side are very big . Around the holidays we always have a big party. I love baking and cooking with my family around the holidays.


The top picture on the left was taken when I was about 5 outside my church with my family. The bottom picure is my mom and I after my promotion ceremony on the last day of 8th grade. It was right before we left to go to my house for a party that she let me have with all my friends.