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This is a reflection about my express yourself project and what I noticed after I met with other people in this class.



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While creating the express yourself project during the past week I have learned a lot about myself and others culture.  I have learned that the words I use to describe myself is completely different for everyone else and that the people you do share traits with are the people you never thought you would know. I had the chance to meet with three different students in the class and learned about them for two minutes. In those two minutes I learned so much about their culture I could never know by just looking at them.

I will always look back at what words I used to describe myself while creating this project, they have shown me who I want to be as a person and I will strive to be that person. A few words that I think describe who I want to be the most are cheerful, imaginative and reliable. I have always been very cheerful and imaginative but my goal is to be more reliable so people can trust me. I got to know a lot about three other students in class. One classmate I got to know is Sheila, she has a twin brother and she is very competitive in sports. We both are outgoing. Another person I met was Julianne, she also has a twin brother and has gone to 3 different schools and is very competitive. She does dance and is on the speech team. The last person I met was Caitlin, she described herself as outgoing, creative and loud. I noticed that all of these people were uniquely their own person but I also noticed we shared some characteristics.

I learned so much about the people I met with by only meeting them for 2 minutes. You never know a person by just looking at them, you have to meet them and spend time with them, even if it is two minutes. I learned that the most significant words I shared about myself was cheerful because it describes me the best in one word, I am a happy fun person overall and cheerful is the perfect word for me. This project helped me to find out who I want to be later in life and what I want people to see me as. It has also taught me about other students in the class. I found out that Caitlin is best friends with Akira, that I know from cheer. You can learn so much that you would never know about someone in two minutes. They can be exactly like you expected or they can change your perspective about everything and be someone totally different. this project has benefited me a lot in my life.