A Walk Through The Woods


I love reading and writing as well as sketching and photographing. I also enjoying playing computer games and learning to code websites as well as hanging out with my friends.


I do not really know what I want to do yet, but I do know that it has to be something science or history related. My love of history and science came about because of all the books that I read from topics such as World War II to storms battering the New England coast. Possibly my favorite book was The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger, describing the 1991 storm that tore apart the New England coast and the attempts at rescuing the foundering boat, the Andrea Gail and the tragedies of the perfect storm where everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.


I have loved reading since I was little, but only just got into writing a few years ago. I have written a few short stories and many long and short poems, but I enjoy writing the short stories the most. Even though I say that I am finished, I never really am because I constantly go back and revise.


My favorite two happen to be the most recent that I have written; Demons and Cursed. I have included a few poems throughout my stories as well, one of my personal favorites being "For River". Hanging with my friends, especially in France, means a lot to me. I would be very lost without my friends that mean the world to me. In France, I got to walk around the little villages and cities surrounded by my friends. Traveling to France with friends was something that I would do again and again if I had the chance to.