My name is Peter Zeqo, I am a 15 year old freshman who lives in Natick, MA. I was born in Greece on the island of Crete on May 13, 1999. I lived there until I was five, and at that point my family and I moved to the United States of America. I’ve lived in Quincy, Newton, and now Natick, but I have stayed here in Natick the longest and will probably continue to be here through high school. I speak Abanian and English fluently and a little bit of Greek, but I've forgotten the majority of it. I've met lots of great people and made new friends everywhere I went. For sports I played a lot of sports but I liked soccer the most out of them all so I stuck with that. I also enjoy archery as more of a hobby than sport.



As a freshman I am taking Intro to Web Design as one of my electives of choice. This class has taught me a lot about HTML and CSS so far, so this website is the test of what I have learned throughout the class. As of now, I would say the experience has been worth taking the elective and the class itself has been very enjoyable. Using the new code I've learned is fun and quite simple but making the website look good is the challenge. Overall I have had fun with what has been given to me so far and I am excited to make lots of websites.