I attend Natick High School. At Natick High, I take Introduction to Engineering, Physics, Pre-Calculus, Introduction to Web Design, English, Global Awareness, and French. I enjoy most of my classes, but some are more interesting than others. I have particularly enjoyed Introduction to Web Design and Physics.

Outside of the classroom, I participate in Speech and Debate, Academic Decathlon, Math Team, Model UN, Mock Trial, and the Natick Mountaineering Club. These activities are very varied, but I enjoy them all. Next year, I hope to pursue French Club and Science Bowl in addition to these activities.

One of my favorite extracurricular activities is Speech and Debate. This activity has taught me how to confidently speak in public, research, defend my ideas, and dress professionally. Both of the photographs at right are from Speech and Debate tournaments.

Model UN offers a similar experience, but it focuses more on parliamentiary procedure and learning about World issues rather than what is happening in the United States. They combine for a very interesting experience.

Picture of Luke with a large team of students in professional attire holding a banner that reads NATICK SPEECH

Picture of Luke in a suit with Anna Meyer accepting a Speech award