Outside of school, I have many interests that I pursue on weekends and after school.

I like to kayak, which I usually do with my family. We have kayaked on the Charles River, the Sudbury River, and Lake Sunapee in NH. I like kayaking because it is a good way to go to places that motor boats cannot access, and kayaking is usually very quiet and serene.

I also enjoy hiking, because I can go to even more places and take nature photographs (like those on the right). I hike with my family and the Natick Mountaneering Club. I have hiked all throughout New England and in upstate New York. I think hiking is an activity that anyone can participate in, whether it consists of large hikes to high peaks or short strolls in the woods. I have camped a couple times, but I don't like camping as much as I like hiking.

Finally, I am interested in Politics and following World events. I read magazines, newspapers, and online news source. I do this partially for Speech and Model UN, but also for fun.

Picture of Luke with mountains in the background

Picture of Luke with mountains in the background