One of the largest projects we have completed in Intro to Web Design has been the Express Yourself Project. It was created using Adobe Photoshop. This project shows a picture of me with words and quotes that I find important in the background. It can be viewed on the right.

Another project that we have worked on in Introduction to Web Design was an Adobe Certification site. This project was made with Mrs. Cullen's help using the code and Dreamweaver to construct an excellent site. We learned how to use Dreamweaver to insert images, make divs, format divs, and include text. A portion of the site can be viewed on the right. The Adobe Certification site was used to help build the site you are currently on. 

Finally, we have explored HTML and CSS. These two languages are among the most important used on the Web. HTML is used to create the structure of a site, including the links and images. CSS is used to add colors and formatting in order to make the site visually appealing. Knowing about HTML and CSS has allowed me to build this site, and hopefully many more!

Black and white picture of Luke with words and quaotes in the background.

Picture of a basic website with a light blue background and two images.