Welcome to my website! I am Luke Vrotsos, a student at Natick High School. I am 14 years old and in 9th grade I live in Natick, MA with my brother, Dylan, and my parents, Mike and Trish. Use the "Family" link to find more about my family.

This site was created as part of Introduction to Web Design, taught by Mrs. Cullen. This class teaches not only a useful skill in the workforce, but also a skill that is satisfying whatever it is used for. In order to find more about Introduction to Web Design, use the "Design" link above.

I am interested in science, math, engineering, nature, and politics. These are interests I have had since a young age but still find fascinating. For more information about my interests, view the "Interests" page.

At Natick High, I take classes in a variety of different subjects. They vary in difficulty and content. Also, I am a member of several clubs and activities. Use the "School" link to explore my classes and school.

Picture of Luke with mountains in the background

Picture of Luke with mountains in the background