Q: When is the new school building going to be completed?
A: The new high school is expected to open on August 30, 2012
Q: What will be the final overall cost of the new school building?
A: The final cost will be determined after the project is complete. However, the project has been estimated to cost $89 Million. The MSBA will pay for $43.1 Million and Natick taxpayers will only have to pay for $45.9 million of the project with a property tax increase.
Q: Will the be any environmentally friendly features used on the new school, and if yes, what are they?
A: The new building is a LEED certified building.It will contain all the environmentally friendly features that can be installed. These include; rainwater recycling, solar energy generation, high effieciency boilers, storm water recharge to the soil, green roofing and over a 90% recycling of construction waste.
Q: When will the renvation of Memorial field be completed and ready to use?
A: Memorial Field will be completed in early August of 2011. It will be ready for the 2011 football season.
Q: What features of the new school will make Natick High stand out compared to other schools?
A: The new Natic High School will be the most advanced technological high school building in Massachusetts when it opens. This included educational and facility support.
Q: How big will the new building be? How many floors, corridors, etc?
A: The new building will be 254,000 square feet. The classroom section will be three stories tall and the auditorium, cafeteria and gym will be two stories. There will be a simple inteconnecting sytem of corridors, stairs and elevators.